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Our Deli

Troyer’s brand meat and cheesesOne of the favorite features in our store is the deli, where customers’ orders are freshly sliced while they wait. Our Troyer’s brand meat and cheeses are made by a family-owned business in Ohio. Theirs is a brand rich in tradition and rich in taste. The quality of their products is superb, and their prices are nothing to scoff at, either.

Troyer’s offers award-winning, blue ribbon cheeses. These cheeses are made in small batches and aged to perfection. None of them contain trans fat, and all are naturally low in carbohydrates, as well. They only sell A grade cheeses, which ensures customers the same great taste every time.

Troyer’s compliments their cheeses with a wide selection of deli meats. As a family, we have been impressed with the good taste and quality of these meats, and many of our customers have shared positive feedback as well. A customer favorite is off the bone ham, both the Honey Cured and Smoked varieties. As any good meat cutter knows, a ham has better flavor if it has a bone in it. But because Troyer’s has a unique process for making these off the bone hams, the flavor of the bone-in ham is there, even though there is no bone. Our customers also like the Tavern Smoked and Honey Roasted turkey breasts, which are whole muscle products, and contain no MSG. Another favorite, the roast beef, has no isolated soy protein and is only 10% water. All Troyer’s meats are gluten free. You can taste the difference in these products!

Troyer’s brand meat and cheeses


American (white)
American (yellow)
Cheddar (mild)
Cheddar (Sharp)
Cheddar (Smoked)
Lacey Baby Swiss
Pepper Jack
Lightning Jack
Habanero Jalapeno
Green Onion
smoked gouda
bacon cheese
butter cheese


Bologna Deluxe
Lebanon Bologna
Sweet Lebanon Bologna
Hard Salami
Pickle Loaf
Chicken Breast (oven roasted)
Ham off the Bone (smoked)
Ham off the Bone (honey cured)
Turkey Breast (honey roasted)
Turkey Breast (tavern smoked)
Roast Beef
Dried Beef
BBQ Pulled Pork
Virginia ham
brown sugar ham
peppered turkey

We make sandwiches to go daily.

Homemade Salads

Ham Salad
Potato Salad
Chicken Salad
Macaroni Salad