(402) 761-4773 | 102 N Walnut St. | Milford, NE 68405 mainstreetmarket15@gmail.com

Household Items

Cookbooks, glassware, kitchen towels & more…

Homestyle Canned Goods

We carry a wide variety of Amish Wedding canned goods…

Homemade Products

From breads and soups, to fresh baked goods and frozen cookie dough balls…

Our Seasonal Homemade Soup Schedule

Mondays: Beef and Vegetable
Tuesdays: A Rotation (It’s a surprise!)
Wednesday: Beef and Noodle
Thursday: Chili and cinnamon rolls
Friday: Chicken Noodle

God bless your day.

Main Street Market — Milford, NE

Main Street Market is a family-operated business that aims to supply Milford and surrounding areas with unique and quality products at affordable prices. We provide freshly-sliced deli meats and cheeses, bulk foods, and specialty items reminiscent of the ‘old days’, such as home-style canned goods, old-fashioned candies, homemade noodles, wooden toys, and much, much more. Step through our doors for a step back in time.
Main Street Market — Milford, NE