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About Main Street Market

about main street marketOur family grew up in the rural hills of Missouri, but when the oldest daughter married a Nebraska boy, and the grandbabies began arriving, it was only a matter of time until we all became Nebraskans.

Nebraska wasn’t so different from Missouri, we found. There were a few more people, a few more houses, and a few more restaurants and stores. But with all the extra places to eat and shop, there were no bulk food stores to be found in the Milford area.

We had always shopped at bulk food stores back in Missouri. We missed the old-fashioned products we could find there, such as homemade noodles and Dutch cocoa powder. We especially missed the lower prices on everyday items such as spices, pastas, gelatins, and baking supplies.

So back to our home area we went to do a little research on the bulk food stores there. If a store of that type was appreciated in Missouri, surely Milford, Nebraska would benefit from one, too, we thought. Thus, it became a family endeavor, and Main Street Market opened its doors May 1st, 2015.