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We are proud to offer a large amount of homemadae products here at Main Street Market. During the colder months you will find homemade soups made fresh daily. Year round, we offer delicious deli salads including potato salad, ham salad, and pasta salad. We also offer fruit and pudding pies, and various seasonal baked goods. 

Our large line of baked goods come from our local, Bright Side Bakery. They provide us with fresh cinnamon rolls, Amish cinnamon bread, sandwich breads and rolls, kolaches, fruit turnovers, and more.

Some favorite homemade Items Include: 

– Peanut butter cornflake bars

– Milford Ham Salad

– Frut and Pudding Pies

– Auntie Jina’s Potato Salad

– Main Street Pasta Salad

– Rotating Jell-o and Pudding Salads

– Our famous Ham Balls