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Bulk Foods

What is Bulk Food?

The term ‘bulk food’ refers to foods that are bought in bulk by us, the retailer. We then package these large amounts into smaller, more manageable sizes, often into two or three different package sizes. This allows our customers freedom to choose not only product, but quantity as well, while still benefiting from lower prices.

Lower prices are a result of our simpler packaging. We use see-through containers or bags to allow our customers to see what they are purchasing. As a bulk foods retailer, we are proud to offer savings of up to 60% without compromising the quality of our product.

Bulk foods make up the majority of our store inventory. Though the packaging does not look the same as it does in a typical grocery, you can find the same cooking and baking ingredients here.

Baking Supplies

main street market baking suppliesWe carry a variety of flours- rye flour, whole wheat flour, specialty flours, coconut, tapioca, white rice, almond, potato, high gluten flour, full strength flour, and others- plus sugars, oatmeal, cocoa, baking powder and soda, pie fillings, baking chips, raisins, craisins, nuts, shredded coconut, yeast, and more. Many of these products have great savings because of the simpler packaging.

Gelatins & Instant Puddings

main street market gelatins & instant puddingsYou can find a full line of flavors in our gelatins and puddings sections. These items particularly seem to have better flavor than other brands found elsewhere. These products are these products are packaged in clear plastic containers instead of the small 6 oz. boxes found in most grocery stores, but don’t let that scare you. We label all these products with clear instructions for use.


main street market candiesOur candy aisle is fun for all ages. Children like our variety of brightly colored gummy candies- bears, worms, butterflies, sharks, frogs, even 27-inch-long gummy rattlesnakes! Adults like that they can find common varieties, such as peach rings and jelly beans, right next to varieties that remind them of visiting Grandma’s house when they were kids, such as lemon drops, horehound, orange slices, cinnamon discs, and cow tales. And, of course, our chocolate section is a hit- caramels, mints, pretzels, raisins, coffee beans, peanuts, and lots more- all chocolate-covered!

Spices & Soup Bases

main street market spices & soup basesThis is a section of our store where some of your biggest savings can be found- spices. Our line of spices has everything from cinnamon and cloves to steak seasonings and meat rubs. Our soup bases are also a great product, coming in a powdered form that you merely add to water to make a broth or soup stock. These mixes can also be used in their powdered form to season meats, vegetables, or pastas.


Our line of mixes is a truly unique variety that can be hard to find in super markets. Following is a breakdown of different mixes we offer:

Baking Mixes: Whipped topping, blueberry muffins, pancake, cobbler, crisp, cornbread, buttermilk biscuits, brownie, pie crust, pizza dough mixes and donuts – all in easy-to-use mixes!

Dip Mixes: In addition to the typical ranch flavor, we carry cheddar ranch, cucumber dill, vegetable, strawberry, peach, bacon onion dip mix, bacon horseradish dip mix, and other flavors. All of these come in a powdered form that you mix with sour cream and/or cream cheese to make delicious dips eaten with crackers, veggies, or fruit.

Drink Mixes: Whether you like hot or cold drinks, we have you covered. Various flavors of cappuccinos, hot chocolate, lemonade, tea, and more make up this section of our store.

Soup Mixes: We offer chicken noodle, broccoli cheddar, hearty soup blend, natural 13 beans, garden vegetable, Italian wedding, and cheesy potato – these soup mixes have clear instructions. Add a few ingredients to these mixes for a quick, tasty meal.

Pudding Mixes: Our selection of pudding mixes includes lemon, butterscotch, tapioca, pistachio, and, of course, vanilla and chocolate. Both instant and cook-type mixes are available.


main street market snacksOur line of snacks is full of bestsellers. We carry a variety of trail mixes, crackers, pretzels, and sesame sticks, along with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, vegetable chips, and wasabi peas. Our peanuts are a favorite and come in several flavors- buffalo, honey roasted, butter toasted, and more.


main street market pastasIn this aisle, you will find everything from rotini to spaghetti to penne pastas.