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Event Platters & Charcuterie Boards


Make any event or gathering unique with our customizable platters!

We can make your life easier with our event platters, charcuterie boards and cups, and even sandwich meal boxes. Need a refreshment tray with crackers and cheese? How about a business luncheon? Tell us about your preferences, and we will do our best to provide you with a crowd-pleaser!

How Much Meat & Cheese Do I need?

Meat: Typically 3 or 4 oz. per person, or 6 people per pound
Cheese: Typically 1.5 slices per person

We base the size of tray we use as well as amounts of food on the number of people you plan to serve, and the event at hand. For example, a meat and cheese tray used to make slider sandwiches will have less meat and cheese on it than a meat and cheese tray used for larger sandwiches. 

Note: If you are looking for a bread to pair with your meat and cheese platter, we recommend our homemade sandwich rolls!

Specialty Charcuterie Boards, Cups, and Grazing Tables

We offer highly customizable trays, boards, and cups, snack packs, and even large scale grazing tables filled with various meats and cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, chocolates, nuts, candies, pickled items, crackers and pretzels, and so much more. If you have an idea, tell us! We love trying new things. 

Some of our unique options Include: 

– Pinwheel appetizer trays

– Veggie crudite platters with dips

– Seasonal boards for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. 

– Deviled Egg Platters

Our prices vary depending on products and chosen and size of the tray. For questions please stop in or give us a call! We are happy to chat about options with you.